Thursday, 9 July 2015

Stylish Skool girl 411: Girls


Girls can go from 0 to 100 real quick. Now comparing girls to boys, there's a big difference and that difference is all these little phases we go through. Please don't ask me what phases boys go through because I'm female, so all I know is how GIRLS will react to things not boys. I'm going to start talking about me playing the new, sweet, popular girl role

I started school and everyone wanted to be my friend, so I had to pick between three completely different groups,

1:The gossip group

2:The popular group

3:The geeky group

Like any new girl would I very stupidly picked the popular group, now you're probably wondering why it's stupid, well let me tell you.
In every popular group there's
The "boss"
The  "best friend "
The "weird one "
The one who gets "left behind "
& The one who gets "pushed around".

That girl who gets pushed around eventually turned out to be me. I'm not gonna start naming people...but girls can be real nasty human beings ( I've been there! ). One girl said I smelled like poo, now I took offence to this until my older cousin who is in secondary school, explained that we were in upper school and this girl was so childish to be talking about wee and poo. So my advice for you young ladies, is before you get your guard up and react to girls like that, think it through logically.

Girl bullies like the ones above are special.
Special because they are like no other bullies. Regular bullies just say hurtful things, then try to be scary to get power and control.  But these one of a kind bullies will say hurtful thinks like "you fat cow " then say it over and over again until you retaliate. Then they will go and snitch on you because they know that they are gonna to be in big trouble.  Only they won't be in trouble alone that would be too easy. Yep you guessed it , you are going down with them.
Another deep dark secret of bullies you ought to know is that they can have an extreme case of attention seeking. They love getting into everyone's business and trying to prove points that doesn't involve them one little bit . Dangerous thugs like these cause the horror of a school ARGUMENT.

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