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Set Menu

Two courses

Starter.  Online Skype detox
Main.   Online Body & Shape & Colour Analysis £85
Three courses  

Starter. Body Shape & Colour Analysis
Main.  Online Skype Wardrobe Detox
Desert. Two hrs Personal Shopping £235
  • Only Available Monday-Wednesday 
  • Book and pay a month in advance
Limited period

Main Menu
Skype Wardrobe Detox £55
Confidence Consultation £55
Skin & Make Up Consultation £55
Body Shape & Colour Analysis £65
Wardrobe Detox Three hrs £195 
Personal Shopping* Two hrs  £155     
                                 Four hrs £240
Full day Shopping including lunch £365
 * minimum of two hours
Body wraps. Outfit building. Online Outfit Shopping. Wedding Day Skin Prep.
Email or call for Prices 

Below are descriptions of the individual sessions that make up my packages.

" I love helping you to rebuild or add an injection of spice to your wardrobe. Maybe you have a new job or returning to an old one. Perhaps you have a bump or have just given birth to one. Leaving you unsure how to dress your new body. I know how it feels when you feel nothing fits or suits you. Do you have a special event or an exciting holiday booked? I can help you shop for this and pack. Maybe you know someone who needs help to get their Mojo back. Whatever the problem  I can help. I provide a Lux style session you can afford. My motto is Feel good look better for a good price."

Wardrobe Detox

Make your wardrobe work for you

One of the most cathartic parts of hiring a stylist is getting one’s wardrobe in order. Most women wear 20 percent of their wardrobes 80 percent of the time. After a Wardrobe Detox with Aisha you’ll not only have a colour-coordinated and neatly organised closet, but you may have enough stuff in the “sell” pile to pay for other clothes you’ll wear more often. When everything in your wardrobe suits and flatters you, then dressing elegantly every day becomes second nature.

 Online wardrobe detox
Aisha will email prior to your Skype call so that you know everything you need to get prepared. She will then talk you over how best to streamline or update you're current wardrobe, as if she was with you in person. Aisha has found these Skype session are great for women who have no idea where to start or how to build a list of pieces to fill the missing gaps.

Personal Shopping

Saves time & Saves money

Be it for a special event or to fill in the gaps in your wardrobe discovered during the Wardrobe Weeding, shopping with Aisha will be easier, faster and, crucially, more fun than doing it on your own. For the very time-pressed, Aisha will do the shopping for you, bringing select items to your home and returning any that don’t work. For the merely very busy, she will scour the stores beforehand and have items waiting for you in a dressing room. For those who might like assistance, Aisha will make a shopping plan, guiding you towards shops that will most likely to yield positive results time and time again and away from the ones she calls “minefields” — shops where one can easily get side-tracked without a stylist’s guidance.

Online shopping
After a Skype or email consultation, You well be sent 4-6 different looks and web links depending on your lifestyle. You can also choose to have a follow up consultation via Skype or in person if you need her advice following your delivered items.

Prices: from £55

Book me: 07939282858  

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